PurenicJapan Inc. always provides you with the low prices that you can find from a Registrar. We are paying attention to the satisfaction of our customers from our services and prices at anytime, so you will be pleased with what we offer you.

The advantages for Purenic Japan resellers:

In addition to our superior service and top - level technical support, PurenicJapan offers its members some of the lowest prices available on the Internet today. Unlike other Registrars that charge just to have you join, you will notice that every dollar of your prepayment is yours to spend on Purenic Japan products and services. The chart below shows all prices of domain registration, renewal and transfer at each payment level, and you can use your funds for any service you wish including SSL certificates…


We have four different memberships, namely, Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum with four different sets of prices. Your membership will be based on the total amount of fund in your account, including used and unused funds. You may upgrade your account at any time by adding enough funds into your account so as to enjoy better prices.

  Platinum Gold Silver Bronze
Membership Fee Free Free Free Free
Prepayment  $1200   $500   $187.25   $79.9
Domain Pricing
.com $8.59/yr  $8.89/yr  $9.39/yr  $9.89/yr
.net $8.59/yr  $8.89/yr  $9.39/yr  $9.89/yr
.org $8.59/yr  $8.89/yr  $9.39/yr  $9.89/yr
.tel $10.99/yr $11.99/yr $12.99/yr $13.99/yr
.biz $7.19/yr  $7.89/yr  $8.39/yr  $8.89/yr
.info $5.99/yr  $7.89 /yr  $8.39 /yr  $8.89 /yr
.name $8.99/yr $9.69/yr $10.39/yr $10.99/yr
.mobi $14.99/yr $15.59/yr $16.99/yr $19.99/yr
.asia $12.99/yr $13.49/yr $14.59/yr $16.99/yr
.jp $45/yr $49yr $50/yr $55/yr

Guaranteed Renewal Price: We always assure you of the same renewal price as what you paid when you initially registered it.

"One-Time Setup Fee" Option

We also make available Reseller Accounts for a one-time setup fee. The fee amount is tiered to your reseller TLD discount. Once your setup is complete, you process transactions by funding your account as needed.

Purenic Japan does not compete with its resellers

Only Purenic Japan assures its direct ETP resellers that we will never solicit your retail customers. All tools and email communications are private labeled with your company name. Your customers always stay your customers! Purenic Japan Technology Providers receive certified Purenic Japan service.
Only those certified as Purenic Japan Technology Providers receive 24x7 technical support directly from Purenic Japan. Our account managers are happy to answer your questions on how our advanced technology can create maximum profitability for you as a Purenic Japan reseller. Call +81 291 34 7373 option #1. Ready to sign up now?

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