About Purenic Japan

Purenic Japan, Inc. is an Internet services company that provides wonderful Internet services including domain name service, hosting rental server, system development, and other related services. As one of ICANN-accredited domain Registrars, we are developing business to become a top provider of wholesale Internet services to the global network of web hosting companies and other Internet service providers as well as we can.

With just a few clicks, PurenicJapan users will get what they need quickly, easily, and conveniently—from domain registration to Web hosting and much more. Our products and services develop together with our partners and customers, giving them the flexibility to customize their services wherever and whenever they like.

Corporate Facts

Headquarters Shinjuku Ward ( Tokyo Japan)
Data Center Hokota city ( Ibaraki Prefecture)
Founded 1999
CEO Koichi Shibayama

May, 1999 Being established.

December, 2000 Started Rental Server Service.

December, 2001 hosting Server & housing Server began

December, 2001 Puretopure Ltd establishment

May, 2004 The structure was changed into PURENIC JAPAN Inc.

June, 2005 Being recognized as the Registrar of Japan Registry Services Co., Ltd.

December, 2006 Started the service as a provider.

October, 2008 Being officially recognized as an ICANN-accredited Registrar.

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